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Iron Chef Restaurant Customer Reviews

At Iron Chef Restaurant, our success continues to grow, even after 13 years, from great word-of-mouth reviews and referrals. Take a look at what our valued customers have to say about us, our cuisine and our service!

Consistently Good

I live only minutes from Iron Chef and thus frequent it for dinners very often. I've done take-out many times, but usually we go and sit down.

I have made it a personal mission to try everything on the menu. So far my favourites are: Deep Fried Crab Claw (awesome!), Steamed Tilapia, Salt & Pepper Shrimp, and Iron Chef Fried Rice. Don't hesitate to try other things on the menu. The Shredded Jellyfish is served cold (like a salad) with wonderful flavours and texture. The casseroles are a wonderful treat with steamed rice. The duck is consistently good and the spring rolls are to die for. I highly recommend the Oysters in Honey Sauce.

The Iron Chef is a great place to try new dishes that you never thought of before. The menu is creative and HUGE so you can never grow bored with it.

So far, this is my favourite restaurant in Hamilton!

Try it out!

- Samantha

Amazing Dim Sum

The dim sum is out of this world! Haven’t been in so long and I’m craving it, especially the sticky rice.

- TeenageFoodie

Great for the Whole Family

Good food, good price, very friendly staff. My family loves this restaurant!

- Bernadette

By Far the Best

By far the best Chinese restaurant in the city. Eat here once a month, one of my favourites in the city too.

- David

The Best Chinese Take-Out

I have only ever ordered take-out from this place, but it is the best Chinese take-out you’ll ever have!

- Rachel

Fantastic Food at a Reasonable Price

Heard great things about this restaurant so we decided to try it. It was fantastic! We ordered a lot of food so we did have to wait awhile but it was absolutely worth the wait! Very reasonable pricing as well. I would definitely recommend it.

- Andrea

Very Good Quality Chinese

I’ve taken out lots of times, and it’s always really good. It’s located at Upper Sherman and Limeridge, so if you’re in the area its worth going there, or get it delivered.

- Petepot

Always Consistent Food

I've been a loyal customer at this establishment for quite some time. The food is always consistent and the restaurant is decently clean. You get what you pay for.

- Ultio U.

Excellent Chinese with Authentic Selection

Excellent Chinese and they also have great selection you will almost never find anywhere else, in such a great quantity and quality. I have been eating there all my life. I've tried every place else. Always, ALWAYS regretted it. Best Chinese in the city period. 5 stars - forgive them they don't speak the best English but, the food speaks for itself.

- Casey H.

Great Food Variety and Friendly Service

We went for dim sum last month and enjoyed it very much. Price was also reasonable and the service was very friendly and quick. There is a good variety of items and a photo menu to let you see what you are ordering as well as by name (so no chicken beaks or feet if you don't want them LOL!). We would definitely eat there again when we're in town, and I would also like to try the dinner menu one day.

- Bill W.

The Best Chinese Food I’ve Ever Had – The Price is Great Too

We ordered for take-out. This by far was the best Chinese food I have ever had. The price was amazing too. Been to a few of them in Hamilton, and wasn't happy at all. The servers were very polite. Going to order again tonight. Keep up the great work Iron Chef.

- Sue X.

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